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29 August 2010

22 and me... :)

Thank you to everyone.. Family, Friends including bloggy friends and Facebook Friends.  Everyone who has made my day extra special with your birthday wishes, cards, virtual cards and an extra special Thank You to my sister who had called me just to say "eppy besday ana ! ".. tq sis.. love u..

I am such a lucky girl to have wonderful friends and family who care enough about me to take a minute out of their day to call, write, and text me beautiful messages! Thank you all so very much. You don't know how much it means to me, and how much I really needed it!!!

Once again, thanks soo much geng ( ili, ain, yati, zam, arix and also ijat, zami n wan) for the most wonderful birthday party.. what a nice surprise !! frens.. i'm soo happy.. :))

wif sis ain.. :)

sis yatie.. n sis ili.. :)

us.. :)

surprise to me ! :)

oh cake.. :)

okay.. all.. ili xde.. hehe :)

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